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Accommodation in Mokala National Park

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Vaalbos National Park is on the move from its current location near Barkley West in the Northern Cape, to an area south west of Kimberly, currently known as Wintershoek. Along with the move comes a new name (yet to be announced) and essentially a new national park. The move involves huge logistical operations, including the translocation of about 1200 animals, and the establishment of new facilitieSThe Vaalbos National Park is an extraordinary area along the Vaal River where wildlife such as black rhino, white rhino, buffalo, eland, red hartebeest and tsessebe are to be seen in the former heart of the alluvial diamond diggings near Kimberley. A tourist route, built with material from the diamond diggings using local labour, winds through the park, exposing visitors to all facets of its three different ecosystems as they merge together as one. The name Vaalbos originates from the vaalbos (camphor bush), a prominent plant species in the park.

The largest part of the vegetation of Vaalbos consists of Kalahari thornveld invaded by karoo, while a small section along the banks of the Vaal River consists of the false Orange River Broken Veld. One of the interesting features of the Vaalbos that is worth conserving, is the interface of two biomes, namely the Savanna Biome and the Nama-Karoo Biome that meet in the Gras-Holpan section. The most common tree in the park is the tree the park has been named after, the camphor bush (Vaalbos, Kanferbos) Tarchonanthus caphoratus.

Room Description at :

Blokdam Camping Site - Camping berths without power.

Six-bed cottages, one bedroom (with two beds), lounge (with two beds), bathroom (shower) and kitchen with basic equipment.

Loft with two mattresses is not suitable for the elderly or small children.

Solar panels provide power for lights and fans only – no electric plugs available.


Inclusions / Exclusions

Rates Include:
Accommodation, bedding and 14% VAT.


Extra information

Rainfall mainly during summer, could vary between 300 mm and 700 mm per annum. Winters are cold with temperatures as low as -4°C. Summer temperatures may be as high as 44°C.

Day Visitors
Park ideal for day visitation being 20 km from Barkly West and 52 km from Kimberley.

Office Hours:
Office is open from sunrise to sunset.

Take Note:
Pets are not allowed in national parks.
Firearms to be declared at reception where they will be sealed. The seal will be broken upon departure.
Firewood, plants or stones may not be collected.
Visitors may not leave their vehicles (except at the designated picnic areas or accommodation).

Gate Hours:
07:00 – 19:00 throughout the year.

Wheelchair Access:
There are 3 cottages in the park, one of which is accessible, with ramps, 2 beds, 2 mattresses and accessible ablution facilities (shower).