Welgevonden Private Game Reserve in South Africa

Accommodation in Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

The Welgevonden Private Game Reserve is situated on the Waterberg Plateau. It is a malaria free reserve consisting of magnificent mountainous terrain, with occasional farm lands that have been allowed to regenerate since the reserve’s proclamation. With over 40,000 hectares of private game reserve, Welgevonden was developed on the basis of a freehold title, with the reserve being divided up and sold to private entities for the purposes of private or commercial ecotourism. It is a well managed reserve with all the title holders taking responsibility for the reserve.Welgevonden is an area of summer rainfall with spectacular thunder and lightening showers predominantly in February and March. At this time it is hot and humid and the bush is thick so game viewing is more difficult. April to September is the cool dry winter season with bright clear warm days and cold particularly the mid winter months of June to August.